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  • Project Description :
  • National and international sports news extract from any source. Mention source if extracted from newspapers or magazines. If sourced from a website, the item should be re-worded to avoid copying.

    3 news items per day to reach us on or before 8.30am daily

    Get the URL's of Sinhala, English and Tamil songs with visuals

    3 visuals per week to reach us on or before 8.30am every Monday.
  • Skills Required :
  • CORPORATE / Arts & Recreational, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal, Data Entry & Admin, Other, Sports & Training
  • Job value / Price intended to pay
  • Price : Fixed -Price Rs. 3,350.00
  • Offer : No
  • Pay Hourly Rate : No
  • Target Completion Date : No
  • How do You Get Paid : At the completion of the project
  • Special Skills or Requirements needed from the Part-Timer
  • An agreement on monthly basis will be signed. Failure for delays in submitting and sending false news items will carry a penalty which will be deducted from your payment.

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