Securing the Health of the family

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  • Project Description :
  • Need to call and make appointments to promote Health insurance and investment products to a readily available customer base.
  • Skills Required :
  • DOMESTIC / Banking & Insurance
  • Job value / Price intended to pay
  • Price : Fixed -Price Rs. 10,000.00 - Negotiable
  • Offer : Yes
  • Pay Hourly Rate : No - Negotiable
  • Target Completion Date : 30.11.2017
  • How do You Get Paid : At the completion of the project
  • Special Skills or Requirements needed from the Part-Timer
  • I'm a licensed insurer who is currently in the process of obtaining license for insurance brokerage.

    The person who takes up this project needs good communication skills. fluent in English and marketing or sales skills. calling customers to promote insurance products and setting up appointments to explain the details and benefits. then you may transfer the appointment to me.

    If you can visit the customer by yourself and close the deal i can offer you a percentage of the commission as well.

No. 7/1, Charlemont Road, Wellawaththa, Colombo – 06, Sri Lanka. land No - +94 112 55 46 55 Email.

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