I need mystery shoppers

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  • Project Description :
  • BARE International is a market research firm which conducts Mystery shopping / Mystery Audit for clients globally.

    Who are we?
    Bare International (www.bareinternational.com) is a worldwide market research company into mystery shopping. We conduct Mystery Shopping PAN India and worldwide. BARE INTERNATIONAL’s core competency and sole focus is on customer experience measurement. BARE gathers the information needed to improve overall quality of performance, to increase customer loyalty and
  • Skills Required :
  • CORPORATE / Writing & Content
  • Job value / Price intended to pay
  • Price : Not Fixed
  • Offer : Yes
  • Pay Hourly Rate : No
  • Target Completion Date : No
  • How do You Get Paid : At the completion of the project
  • Special Skills or Requirements needed from the Part-Timer

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