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Thanuja  Wijewardena

Professional - Data Entry & Admin, Delivery, Education & Tutoring, IT-Software & Websites, Life Coaching, Messengers & Courriers, Sales & Marketing, Teaching, Training and Lecturing, Tourism

Location : Colombo
Member since : 2016-08-30

Currently involved at the capacity of a Software Quality assurance Lead in Mitra Innovation. We are an Innovative company always seeking for new technologies and opportunities. As a team member of a growing company I have a passion in software testing. Finding more defects in a product makes my day productive. Duties I carry out are as follows ... 1. Strategizing the testing activities of a given project. 2. Collecting the business requirements from clients and prioritising them. 3. Managing my team. 4. Delivering the project with good quality by fulfilling the acceptance criterias of the client. Being in the industry more than 7+ years and more focused on to QA strategising and team handling. My interests have been shifted more in to Business Administration. I have seen how a startup company with only 10 employees growing at a 3X growth Rate with 100+ employees withing a year.I do have 3+ years of experience in handling entrepreneur ventures with very successful startups.As well I have proven skills with working in fortune five hundred software companies and leading clients projects.

1. Good teacher 2. Number one Software test analyst 3. Love out of job adventurous jobs such as - Delivery, Sales and Marketing, Messenger services 4. If a lead is given I am a very fast learner 5. Able to complete any task assigned with perfect quality
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