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Job Details
Project Description :
Please find the topics which we need to send the articles on.

· Poorly cleaned facility and staff sickness
· Green chemicals and the benefits
· The difference between sanitizers and disinfectants and how to properly use them

1. Need around 1000 words.
2. Should not so professional. People need to read it easy. And learn something from it

Skills Required :
CORPORATE / Writing & Content
Job value / Price intended to pay
Price : Not Fixed - Negotiable
Offer : Yes
Pay Hourly Rate : No - Negotiable
Target Completion Date : 05/27/2014
How do You Get Paid : Task wise
Special skills or requirements needed from the part timer
http://t.co/ad79sr6MN1 (That is also a link to a great blogging article, I want all our articles to follow those tips and writing style)

I need content that the everyman will read. Like this

This content is for blue collar people so it should not be so professional and smart.

First you have to send me a sample article and i will check it with client and offer the job.

Project Details
Needs to write around 4 articles per week and monthly it will be around 20 but in some cases it can be 30 as well.

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