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Tourist Hostel Staff - Mount Lavinia Go Back
Job Details
Project Description :
Great Opportunity for Young and cheerful youth to be a part of POM Hospitality in the Heart of Joyful Mount Lavinia!!!

We need Well mannered/cheerful/good in English and online work mainly social media and good common sense and ability to enjoy and create a joyful environment...and definite ability work as team(we train warriors no baby sitting) and with Strict & Sickening work ethic to progress as a Hostel Manager to be validated any where in the world of Hospitality.

6 months contract to
Skills Required :
INDIVIDUAL / Hotel & Restaurant
Job value / Price intended to pay
Price : Fixed - Price Rs. 20,000.00
Offer : No
Pay Hourly Rate : No
Target Completion Date : No
How do You Get Paid :
Special skills or requirements needed from the part timer
Ability stay cheerful,English,Ethics,Computer literacy,social media handling are essential skills,hospitality training is a added qualification.
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