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Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF)

Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF), is known to be the foremost and pioneering adult education center in Sri Lanka,established in 1974 consequent to an agreement between The Sri Lanka Foundation and The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation.Today,the Sri Lanka Foundation is on a stronger footing whereby it is regularized under an act of Parliament,The Sri Lanka Foundation Law no.31 of 1973. Sri Lanka Foundation functions autonomously under the purview of theThe President of Sri Lanka and is Managed by a Board.

SLF as a center of Leadership,Education and Training offers a wide range of academic programs in dynamic fields namely: Social and Institutional Development,Psychology and Counseling,Business and Enterprise Development,Language and ICT, The Digital Film Academy and Tourism & Hospitality Management. SLF has established a center for well-being to foster and nature multi-dimensional aspects of improving quality of life.

For the past almost 40 years of Its existence,SLF has being working with International Institutions,Governmental,Non-Governmental Organizations and has being very closely linked with local community development organizations in reaching its primary objective of “Being the center of leadership,education and training”. To date, we have been very successful in accomplishing our goal to improve the quality of life covering whole areas and districts of the country.

Please check - www.slf.lk for more details